My Story


The NoShortcuts Chutney range has evolved over a number of years. 

It all began very simply. I would use fresh surplus produce, found when preparing a meal or even from local friend’s gardens and trees, to make my chutneys and relishes. They are such a wonderful personal gift, especially for those dear to your heart. A labour of love for me!

The flavours in my products no doubt reflect my heritage. My parents were Dutch who spent time in Indonesia before finally settling in NZ. Subtle favours and influence from all of these countries can be found throughout the NoShortcuts range.

My recipes have come from various inspirations. Some are my own, some were specially handed on to me by good friends, and some have come from my Grandfather, a Chef who owned hotels in Indonesia. I have then adapted and refined them using local produce to produce good, wholesome and honest food.

I have always been conscious of food having real health benefits and have incorporated this philosophy into my products. That in essence is why I like to use completely natural produce and cook the old fashioned way, in small batches just like mum made!

In 2012 I decided to leave the corporate world behind to focus on and grow the NoShortcuts range and business. I’m excited to say that my products can now be found in over twenty retail outlets.


NoShortcuts products are proudly Hand Made and 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  


Eet smakelijk,